Hello! I'm Parth Gaurav

I help brands create beautiful experiences that converts.

What My Clients Say

I have worked with Parth on two website projects. Parth is both very bright and quite motivated. He is a quick learner and has shown he is proficient in using Webflow to create beautiful websites. I have been consistently impressed with Parth's attitude and productivity during the time that he has worked with Technik.

Sarthak Sharma

Managing Partner

" Parth Gaurav ( Digi Hotshot ) is very creative who delivered the best result in a very responsive manner. He gave genuine advice and his creativity brought awesome results for our brand."

Rohit Pande


" Parth Gaurav ( Digi Hotshot ) is a beginner-friendly designer that makes creating your website easier and faster than ever before. He is very dedicated to his work."

Shalini Gupta


Strategic Website.

Creating Experiences through a well defined strategic process.

My purpose is to deliver high-end strategic custom website to you without using any template. The website is carefully crafted considering your goals & objectives so that your new website can convert more visitors into customers.

Strategic Website | Parth Gaurav - Digi Hotshot
Design Sprint | Parth Gaurav - Digi Hotshot

Take Your Business Online In The Next 4 Days.

If you are looking for a quick solution then this is for you. With Design Sprint, I design a website for you in the shortest time possible. This is mainly for offline businesses ( e.g. restaurants, trainers, therapists etc. ) who are suffering due to pandemic and needs to take their business online as quickly as possible.

Design Sprint.

Webflow Development.

Turn your design into reality with Webflow

Webflow is my goto tool for turning my designs into an amazing website. Webflow is a visual development tool that uses the power of HTML, CSS & Javascript with the best-in-class CMS to deploy really powerful and fast websites.

Webflow Development | Parth Gaurav - Digi Hotshot

The Process


Kickoff Meeting

Before signing the contract, I setup a kickoff meeting where I will have a discussion with you to gain maximum knowledge about your brand. After getting the inputs from you, I do the research to thoroughly understand your business and your potential targeted audience behavior.



In this session, we will have a discussion regarding the website goals, content strategy and visual direction. This stage will give me the foundation for moving forward with just the right recommendations for your brand and estimate the timeline & budget for the project.


Content Creation

Content is the thing that is responsible for communicating a brand's goals to their users. In this stage I lay out a strong content that brilliantly convey a story of your brand.



Once's I am armed with all the information, I start sketching out different layouts i.e., low fidelity wireframes for all the pages. This helps me try out different layout at a faster rate. Next, high fidelity wireframes are designed on computer which depicts what the final layout will look like.


Visual Design

Once the layout is approved by you, I'll start working on the visual aspects of the layout. In this stage site colors, typography, animations and interactions is finalized and the design is finalized.



Once the design is finalized, I'll start developing website on Webflow. In this stage all the interactions and animations are integrated into the website to provide a soothing experience to the user.



After the development is completed, I carry out rigorous testing of website across multiple devices, screen sizes and browsers. Any bugs that arise will be rectified before the launch.



Once all the bugs (if any) are cleared and the website is ready to launch, I will help set-up the hosting on Webflow for you or if you want to host somewhere else, then I'll export the code and give it to you.

Let's Start Something Great Together!