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Webflow QA Testing: Your Ultimate Checklist for a Perfect Webflow Launch

June 10, 2024

Parth Gaurav

Parth Gaurav

Founder & Webflow Expert

Webflow QA Testing: Your Ultimate Checklist for a Perfect Webflow Launch

The secret to a flawless Webflow site launch?

A detailed QA process is your Webflow site’s best friend. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Start with Functionality Testing

Check that everything works right.

→ Test links, buttons, and forms.

→ Make sure sliders and animations work.

2. Do Browser Checks

Your site should work on all browsers.

→ Test on Chrome, Firefox, Safari (some bugs are specific to this), and Edge.

→ Don’t forget mobile browsers!

3. Check Responsive Design

Your site should look good on all devices.

→ View the site on phones, tablets, Macbook/Laptop (13" & 15") and desktops (big monitors).

→ Make sure images and text fit well.

→ Test on actual devices apart from Webflow designer as custom code only works when published on staging or main domain.

4. Look at User Experience (UX)

A good user experience keeps visitors happy.

→ Browse the site like a new user.

→ Fix anything confusing or hard to use.

5. Test Performance

Speed is important, both for UX & SEO

→ Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights.

→ Optimize images in new gen format like WebP and clean up code.

6. Check SEO Elements

Help people find your site.

→ Add meta tags, alt texts, and proper headings.

→ Check semantic HTML structure, URL structures and sitemaps.

7. Review Accessibility

Make your site accessible to all.

→ Use tools like WAVE or Lighthouse.

→ Ensure alt texts, keyboard navigation, and ARIA roles are correct.

8. Test Third-Party Integrations

Make sure all extra tools work right.

→ Check that Google Analytics ID is added in the settings.

→ Verify Search Console integration is set up.

→ Test CRM, analytics, and marketing tools.

→ Ensure scripts are added in the custom code section.

→ Confirm data flows correctly.

9. Do a Final Check

Review everything again.

→ Test all elements one more time.

→ Fix any issues found.

A good QA process ensures your Webflow site is ready to impress.

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