Vastu Miracles

Vastu Miracles

Website Redesign

Vastu Miracles is a brand that provides Vastu Shastra and feng shui consultation and they have an e-commerce store around that.
We were asked to redesign the existing website which didn't have a good layout and was based on a generic theme.

Their previous website was not able to fulfill their goals. The problem with the previous website was it was not able to clearly communicate the value the brand is providing. The layout had a hierarchy problem and it was not able to clearly define brand goals as it lacked a proper strategically placed call to action. Their website was slow and wasn't hosted with a good hosting provider.

So after the audit of the website, we suggested a new strategic design solution that could potentially solve their problem.

The Outcome

We designed their website from scratch with proper layout and a good call to action. We designed a well-optimized website with proper HTML tags, alt text, and optimized visuals. We hosted their website on Shopify which further boosted their rating on speed index.

Apart from the website, we also manage their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok and Podcasts.


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