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Don't Let Covid-19 Hamper Your Business | Digi Hotshot
  • The Situation

Due to this covid-19 situation, right now all of us are in quarantine. The whole world is under lockdown and right now we are not sure about when this thing will end.

Many businesses are facing problems right now especially offline businesses and many individuals have lost their jobs. Businesses are facing a tough time to serve their clients or find new clients all together.

So the main thing for everyone right now be it a business or an individual is to take care of their families as well as their financials as according to the experts, this lockdown could extend upto many months.

Here's What We Can Do For You


Create New Workflow

Online ordering system / service scheduling / booking system
All these things can be achieved by integrating these onto your existing website or by creating a completely new website.


Boost Your Online Presence

We can help you gather new clients by creating content for your social media accounts and run targeted ad campaigns for your business.


Help You To Create New Revenue Stream

Let's assume that you are a chef and you have lost your job or all restaurants are shut and you can't earn money. So what we can do is setup a complete online course platform for you so that you can sell your paid courses.

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